X Codec Pack


Install just useful and not garbage codecs


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If you surf the web, you can find lots of codec packs which offer you thousands of codecs for your computer, but if you think about it, you will never use all of them and you will be wasting your HD and your PC will become slower.

X Codec Pack is different, it will install only necessary codecs, it only install those codecs which are usually used by usual internet video and audio users.

Of course, it includes the most popular ones: DivX codec, XviD codec, AC3 filter, DivX antifreeze, DirectVobSub, DivX G400, Video Inspector or Media Player Classic.

Choose the elements you want to install and uncheck those ones you think you wll never use, your MB are not cheap and you don?t want to waste them.

Furthermore, all codecs, filters and players include in this pack are totally free and they will be automatically updated for free.
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